Top 3 Reasons to Choose the Website Design by Carmelocorre

The Website Design by Carmelocorre was created to assist busy business-owners with their online presence. I’m sure you don’t have weeks worth of time to learn how to make a website let alone engage in all the Social Media platforms you think you should be on. You may not have the additional financial resources to hire a professional website designer and developer to build the site of your dreams. I also assume you have enough technical savvy and desire to put yourself to the test to create, maintain and promote your own online presence.

That’s where this course steps in. Designed for the DIY, semi tech-savvy busy business owner who wants to be able to control their online presence.

Participating in the Website Design by Carmelocorre is the key to your online marketing success.

But why this course?

Why not just YouTube all the free videos out there about finding and purchasing a domain name, obtaining hosting, setting up a WordPress site and learning about all the Social Media platforms and what you should be doing on them?

3. Time

You could spend a LOT, I’m talking weeks worth, of time to find relevant, helpful videos made by professionals who have the clout to actually be teaching you these skills. Hours upon frustrating hours spent weeding through poor quality, too little or too much information, and irrelevant to your needs videos.

Even then, do you know what you don’t know?

This course guides you step-by-step through the process of having no website to a robust site full of great content and the tools to continue its growth. No need to search for how to create a site that will appeal to your audience or how to add an image to a page on the site; it’s all in there.

2. Tools

There are many tools used by professional website designers and Social Media strategists. Throughout this course you are exposed to those tools and taught how to use them yourself. Keep in mind the tools you are taught are the ones you need to know to create and maintain your website as well as build a Social Media roadmap…no extraneous tools that you are unlikely to ever use. The course is far from bare-bones, nor is it intended to create professional website designers.

1. Expertise

The opportunity to email an Inquiry a Day to me, to ask a question specific to your online marketing needs is a huge value. It’s like having a personal assistant skilled in website design and social media strategy at your fingertips.

What’s not to like about that?!

Over the course of the first four weeks after you sign up to work through the modules, you can email a question a day that I will do my best to answer the very next day. It can be anything pertaining to your website, WordPress, Social Media or even help determining where your target audience hangs out online. Go ahead, ask away! Of course, you need to sign up to take the class first.

The Key to Your Success

This is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the abundance of information, step-by-step guidance you receive during the training. To see all the topics covered, visit the Course Content page. Still have some questions before signing up? No problem, Contact Me and let me know your hesitation. I look forward to helping you create, maintain and promote your online presence.