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Leadership Essay – How To Improve & Develop Your Skills

Many of us prefer to be leaders than followers but not all can be effective leaders. Leadership is ability and a talent that not everyone possesses. One has to be fair and righteous to be considered a good and effective leader.  A true leader sets examples for his followers to follow. He does not tell his followers how to do things but tells them what to do and let them do it with the best of their ability.  To be a good leader one has to learn and develop the traits of a leader. Reading through a leadership essay will help one to develop and improve on his leadership skills.

From the leadership essay one would know how to improve and develop his skills. We also come to know the qualities one should possess to be a good leader:

A good leader must have mental strength and he should be firm in his decisions.

A good leader should be keen in his observations and he should always be alert.

A good leader is always fair and righteous. He is not judgemental.

A good leader motivates his followers to do things with the best of their abilities.

A good leader has the confidence that he and his group can render a good job and come up with good results.

A good leader has a very good sense of responsibility.

The leadership essay also makes us aware that there are two types of leadership; one is leadership by consent. This type of leadership is achieved with the consent of others. cheap reliable essay writing service in 3 hours is fully given to a person with the thought that he can do the job. The other type of leadership is leadership by force. This type of leadership is by personal choice. It does not come from a general consensus and does not merit the consent and sympathy of the followers.