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Men’s Clothing and Fashion

Whether you are looking for a new pair of jeans, a new jumper to keep you cold on those cold days or whether you are just looking to buy a gift for somebody else, we will have exactly what you are looking for in our men’s clothing and fashion range. Here is a quick explanation of what you will find on this page including the different types of items that we sell.


If you are looking for some new formal wear, we have a lot of choice for you in terms of different formal wear items. The different products that we have include suits, suit jackets,5 button suit waistcoats, single pleat trousers and split seam suit jackets.

You also have a choice of style when it comes to all of our items if you were looking for a certain style. ASOS discount code have the choice of textured, puppy tooth, blue tonic, grey tonic, wool, fine stripe, narrow stripe, fleck, top stitched and slim fit.

This choice is completely up to you and what you will feel the most comfortable in. Whatever you choose, you should feel completely confident so you can enjoy your night! Remember when picking your clothes to make sure you pick the right sizes so to get the most out of your clothes.


If you were looking for something a little more casual, we have a lot of different brands for you to choose from within our men’s casual range. These brands include BC London, Boys Industrialize, Twisted Soul, Blue Ink and Armani.

Because all of our men’s casual wear is coming from such well known brands, you can rest assured that they will be of the highest quality and that your new clothes will last and last so you can get a great use out of them.

The different items that we have include shirts, jeans, jumpers and t-shirts and you will have a lot of choice within these different items of what style you would prefer. This choice is completely down to you and what you feel most comfortable in and to take full advantage of our deals in men’s casual wear and find exactly what you are looking for, click through to the casual page to view the full range.

The price range for our men’s clothing and fashion range starts at £10 for our cheapest BC London pale blue/pink stripe casual shirt and it goes up to just £650 for our most expensive Aquascutum Pritchard Belmont suit, navy. This means that whether you are shopping on a budget or whether you are looking to go all out, because of the large price range, you are sure to find exactly what you need for a price you can be happy with, within your price range.

Also because of our large range of styles and brands within both formal and casual wear, whether you are buying for yourself or for somebody else, you are sure to find something to suit any style.